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Pat van den Wall Bake – Thompson
Hello folks or should I say fellow food fans ……!
After 32 years running La Cuisine Française, on the Herengracht in Amsterdam and having worked since I was 19 years of age, I have decided finally to retire.
When I first stopped in 2012 I took a year’s sabbatical and did what I had always dreamed about doing. I bought a camper van and went on the road through France with my dog Penny. I started a travel blog – Patty’s Wagon – in which I shared my adventures, food experiences and recipes with a handful of faithful followers. I have since taken a course in photography and am now in the middle of a course in writing, very necessary for a dyslectic cooking teacher/chef, but then most chefs are dyslectic it seems.
Now since 2013 the retirement is official, and now Marleen Zwart from “Eat your Heart Out ” is waving the scepter in La Cuisine Française and I am free to wake up every day and decide what to do.
I still live on the Herengracht 314, in the same building as La Cuisine Française, when I am not traveling, in my camper van Pattys Wagon that is. I have a small galley kitchen – Pat’s Pantry – in the serra overlooking the kitchen garden and my garden house
I had thought about writing a book, but I am too active for that. I so enjoyed writing my travel blog Pattys wagon  that I have decided to continue with this new web blog – Pat’s Pantry.
In the coming years I hope to share my everyday experiences with you and recount some great stories and anecdotes from the past. I want to talk to you about ingredients special to my heart; teach you a few new techniques and some handy tips, hints and rescue remedies for creating in the kitchen, share my happy snaps and culinary moments with you and keep you informed of special events, cooking classes and of course my camper trips and cooking moments at home and abroad.
I also want to share my toils and tribulations in starting a kitchen garden and whatever else that comes along in life.
I make no promises of a weekly blog, time goes past too quickly for that, but I hope to pop up on your screens with great regularity. The recipes, ingredients, photos, and anecdotes are on file on the web blog for you to read, enjoy and hopefully cook at your leisure.
Events will be put up in advance for you to join or share with friends.
For those who do not know me, below is a small resume of my career
Pat started La Cuisine Française a cooking school, catering company and private restaurant on the Herengracht in Amsterdam in 1980 and has run it for the last 32 years.
Educated and trained in England as a Home Economist, Pat’s first work was for Birds Eye frozen foods, followed by two and half years working for the Dutch Dairy Bureau. This involved traveling around exhibitions, schools and Women’s Institutes in England demonstrating and teaching about Dutch cheese and butter. She then spent two years as teacher at the famous Cordon Bleu cookery school in England.
In the Eighties, Pat worked as a food consultant giving demonstrations for food equipment such as the food processor and the microwave. Pat has also worked for the main food companies in Holland arranging promotions for new products, developing products and partaking in congresses and workshops worldwide, writing recipes for magazines and having 5 of her own books published.
– De Franse Keuken, een open boek
– Kookboek voor Golfers
– Kookboek voor de Magimix
– Kookboek voor de Magimix deel 2
– Koken voor de Combi-Magnetron

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