Anchovies the hidden Umami

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I have just been to the park with Jolly and am sitting writing this with the biscuits from Farm brothers at my right hand next to my cuppa Builders Tea
Having just watched Federer on TV , what a way to live. They say it is the Golden Age..they being the Americans of course.
A few tips for you
A new book appearing soon, LEAFS from Carola de Kanter, a member of my Professional Culinary Network
She has the most wonderful home and cooking school work place in a glass house in her garden.
Carola has written the book I would love to have written but could not, she is a vegetarian and a teacher with
a passion for the future of our childrens health and is involved in several projects to this end.
the book naturally vegetarian, covers the seasons in her kitchen garden.
I just cannot wait to read it, I said I would buy no more books but this one I cannot resist.
Like the biscuits in the picture above, a new line from Farm Brothers, to be found in Marqt and I also believe AH
what is so exciting is that they are the brain child of my neighbours son and his companions and nicer than my old favourites seen here below
And this week I made a new burger
GRILLED CALAMARIS with trevisa salad and salsa verde.. no I did not eat it in the garden
I hope you enjoy the recipes
I am now busy preparing for a trip I have dreamed about since buying my camper in 2012, a visit to San Sebastian and Bilbao, then on to Portugal in my camper van Pattys Wagon, in March-April, with a friend
So this time I will have a co-driver
Then in July with my Solo friends to Finland for 5-6 weeks.
so an adventurous year ahead

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