Apricot Pannacotta for the more adventurous

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The apricot jam is made so now for the :
Apricot Panna cotta, is a dessert from Piemonte, where I was last year in my camper van. This version is for the home cooks. Try it it is not difficult and a delicious sweet for a simple diner party.
The best Panna cotta I ever ate was at Toscanini in Amsterdam
1 l cream
± 125 g sugar
1 stick of vanilla
1 zest of lemon
juice of 1 lemon
7 leaves of gelatine 14 grams
8 tbs of milk
6 tbsp grappa
100 g gedroogde abrikozen or two fresh apricots or nectarines (fijnegehakt)
Grappa sauce :
1 dl Grappa
50 g sugar
1 dl water
1 tl lemon juice
a handful of raisins
1. Bring to the boil half of the cream, with 100g of the sugar, the vanilla stick and lemon
2. Meanwhile soak the gelatine in the milk and squeeze out
3. Remove the pan with cream from the heat as soon as it starts to boil and leave to stand for 10 minutes
4. Remove the vanilla stick and the lemon zest and stir in the gelatine until the gelatine has completely melted
5. Pour the mixture in a big bowl and leave to cool until almost set. Or place over iced water.
6. Grease 12 ramequins or small coffee cups with light oil
7. Beat the rest of the cream with the remaining sugar until holding shape. cut and fold with the grappa and the chopped fruit into the cream mixture and spoon the mixture into the forms immediately
8. Heat the grappa and sugar together in a pan with the water add the lemon juice and the raisins , lower the heat so that the sauce may thicken slowly Remove from the heat and leave to cool
9. Take the ramequins out of the fridge and turn upside down on the plates. Serve with the sauce poured around .

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