aubergines from the garden

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I only got 4 but better than nothing
This a recipe from times gone by, a little complicated but delicious
You can just make the aubergine/ egg plant caviar and serve it on crostini!
Aubergine/egg plant caviar with herb crusted prawns, oil van red peppers, garniture of dried chorizo Ingredients:
3 gambas per person 1 dl olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Spice mix:2tbsp cumin seeds 2 tbsp fennel seeds2 tbsp sesame 1 tbsp sea saltEgg plant puree 2 large or 4 small egg plants1 to 2 cloves of garlic
1 dl olive oilA pinch of cuminLemon juice50g black olive6 basil leavesRed pepper oil:2 red peppers
2 shallots4 tbsp olive oil
Very thin slices of chorizo Method:
Clean the prawns by cutting down the back and removing the canal and the shell. Dip them in the olive oil and the lemon juice. Toss in the spices and leave to marinade.
Cut the red peppers into pieces and place in a pan with a thick bottom with the olive oil, the shallots and the prawn shells, cook slowly until soft. Puree and sieve. Fry the prawns in deep fat for a few minutes. Drain on kitchen paper.
Cut the eggplant into small squares. Heat the oil in the pan add the crushed clove of garlic, fry them without browning add the egg plant and fry over a medium fire, add the cumin and then the olives and the lemon juice, cook to a thick paste. Puree if desired. Add the basil cut into fine shred.Spoon or pipe the eggplant puree in a small plate or spoon. Place on the prawns and spoon a little prawn oil around the dish or over the spoon.Lay on a piece of very thinly sliced chorizo.

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