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    I am not a pheasant plucker I am a pheasant pluckers son !!!

    I had forgotten how delicious pheasant can be In the days of La Cuisine I often ate it, as I did many other things I don’t do so quickly now as I am alone However now and again I have the pleasure of cooking for friends, my bridge friends and visitors from abroad then I try to do my best in my small galley kitchen or my camper van. As you know it is my passion.   This recipe I made Friday for our Bridge pro Patrick van Zinnicq Bergmann and our lesson quartet .   Casserole of pheasant and wild mushrooms Ingredients:   2 pheasants 2 tbsp oil 2…

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    Italian menu – autumn as yet no photos!

    I came across this in my files and thought you may enjoy some of the recipes The lasagne is already in my blog… the dessert the chocolate tart was a real favourite , good for Christmas Zucchine ripiene con pinzimonio ai funghi Stuffed courgettes with a mushroom vinaigrette   Courgettes Ingredients: 3 courgettes (medium) 6 dried tomatoes 200 g breadcrumbs fruit pulp from the courgettes 100 g almonds 1 tin of chopped tomato 2 tbsp oil   Preparation Cut the courgettes into pieces of 5 cms, remove the fruit pulp (with the aid of a “pomme parisienne”) leaving a cup in the courgette. Chop the fruit pulp in the food…

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    Tempura of soft shell crab

    I had this very dish at a small restraunt just around the corner from my friends apartment in London delicious they made it with soft shell crab Tempura of whitebait and vegetables   500g small fish whitebait or small anchovies fresh vegetables   Ingredients: batter: 1 egg 1 tbsp flour 2 tbsp water 1 tbsp corn flour salt and pepper     Method:   Blanch the vegetables and rinse with cold water to retain the colour. wash and dry the fish well. Make a thin batter from the egg, flour, corn flour and iced water. Add a little salt and pepper. This batter should be made just before using. Dip…

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      on the way home after a wonderful tasting menu of food and wines in a great gastro cafe   geweldig   the next morning at the market where we had lunch in a simple cafe behind the market we did not even have to reserve , the fish and shellfish was onflow from the market to feast our eyes on the views, the local products and the wines

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    Black risotto

    This recipe is from Sascha de Lindt from Green Age Sascha  gave us a very interesting evening talking about her country Croatia , its foods and wines.We hope to visit it next year with our culinary professional group Sascha served us the most delicious risotto of Seppia and allowed me to help her clean the Seppia, as you see I loved doing it , but did 2 to her 4 she has kindly allowed me to share the recipe with you You may recognise Sascha , she won Masterchef about 6 years ago…   Crni rizot (“zwarte risotto”) Ingrediënten voor 4 personen: 500 – 600 gram verse sepia of grote…

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    Figs in port to finish

    Port roasted figs, cinnamon fritters and goat cheese ice cream   Figs in red wine   I served it with warm lemon madeliens and creme Fraiche Ingredients: 15 figs ½ bottle port (robust) rind of  1 lemon and 1 orange 2 cloves ½ piece cinnamon 4 peppercorns 1 bay leaf 200 g sugar 100g butter     Method : Place all the ingredients except the figs and the butter in a pan Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes Cut the figs in half horizontallyPlace the figs in a casserole. Pour over the port Dot with butter bake in the oven without a lid for 8 minutes at 200…

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    And an old favourite and easy fish en papillotte

    I went to my old friend Schilder on the Albert Cuyp market to collect the fish and the vongole which I served as first course after the bruschetta -perfect The beautiful fresh sea bass ready for the oven I used just butter as the fish has such beautiful delicate flavour. :Place herbs and lemon in the cavity of the cleaned fish, pour melted butter over the fish or wrap the whole raw fish in pancetta or you can use streaky bacon or even Coppa di Parma . Place the fish on a large piece of greaseproof paper, you could use buttered aluminium foil, bring up the edges and seal by…

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    My eet club, cooking in the school again just before leaving for spain

    Bruschetta from tomatoes and artichokes ( without the sweetbread served on Foccacio rolls from Marqt Toasted Tuscan bread (bruschetta) with artichokes, sweetbreads, tomatoes and fresh garlic Ingredients: 500g sweetbreads 1 small carrot 1 onion Bouquet garni (1 bay leaf, sprig of thyme, parsley stalk )5 peppercorns Olive oil for frying Ready made Foccacia bread or rolls (their is a recipe in my blog) or buy ciabatta or Foccaicia rolls from Marqt Topping 2 globe artichokes 2 cloves of fresh garlic cut in half 4 tomatoes, peeled, deseeded and cut into small squares 100g winter salad vinaigrette Method: Soak the sweetbreads in running cold water for 10 minutes. Poach the sweetbreads…

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    another simple idea -Halibut with Chanterelles

    first a photo of the changing cabin and the barbecue HALIBUT WITH CREAMED CHANTERELLE AND TRUFFLE POTATO VINAIGRETTE Take Halibut fillets of about 100g each and pan-fry to get a golden colour. Set aside on a baking tray to finish off in the oven. Clean the chanterelle mushrooms and cook them in a wok with a little butter . Set aside When reheating finishplace some cream in the pan, heat well and toss in the chanterelles and allow to reduce to coat the mushrooms. Season well with salt and pepper. To make the vinaigrette, peel and dice some truffle potoatoes. Boil in salted water until al dente and cool. Mix…