Calamaris – from the Mercado

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Annie arrived home yesterday with a plastic bag for me
Lunch tomorrow !
When I opened it at 12.30 I had work to do
1kilo of work
Before I got this
I cleaned the Calamaris by taking out the back sheath, pulling out the tentacles and cutting off above the eye, removing the mouth, then got hold of the wings and pulled the skin off.
Rinsed well, then I cut into rings , about 5 pieces per calamari depending on size. I heated a thin film of olive Oil in a sauté/frying pan and when hot added the Calamaris in a thin layer, tossing them in the pan, then I added the crushed garlic, and a knob of butter followed by a twist or 5 of salt and pepper, tossed again. After just 2 minutes, I tossed on cilantro but parsley if you have it is better. Turn out immediately into a warmed dish. Otherwise they can overcook and become rubbery. I repeated the same with the tentacles. Served with a squeeze of real.. Local lemons
Local bread to scoop up the juices and of course a glass of Rosado
Buen Provecho
By the way is the right address, see Seville orange marmalade. Excuses , thanks for the tip Sjoerd

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