Casseroles – comfort food

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Casserole of Rabbit with artichokes barigoule
Instead of artichokes I used beautiful white mushrooms
Ingredients :
1 dl olive oil
+ 800 g rabbit tame
4 cloves of garlic (crushed lightly )
2 large red onions sliced
4 bunches of violet small artichokes(poivrade) or 5 globe artichokes
1 glass white wine
2dl Muscat wine
a few cumin seeds roasted
a few pieces of orange peel
4 fresh bay leaves
4 cloves
¼ litre good stock
½ fresh red pepper (chilli)
10 g salt
fennel seeds
Heat the oil and add 2 cloves of the garlic lightly crushed to the pan allow to cook very gently so the oil becomes perfumed .
Remove the garlic from the pan and fry the rabbit until colouring, stir in the onions Add the Muscat and the wine bring to the boil and add the cumin, orange rind, bay leaves, remaining garlic, cloves and stock, season well. Add the chilli pepper if desired. Place in the oven or on a low heat to cook for 1 hour
Trim the artichokes with a small knife to remove the hard leaves, remove the centre hairs or trim the mushrooms..
Cut into 4 and rub with olive oil. Add to the casserole after 3/4 hour with the fennel seeds
Remove the rabbit from the casserole cut the pieces into two and return to the casserole Adjust the seasoning and thicken with a little arrowroot of beurre manier
I served it with mashed pumpkins with olive oil


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