catering years -memories are made of this

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Seeing the tent being erected on the lawn here, brings back many memories. In the 80 and 90’s LCF catered many afternoon teas, weddings, diners and parties, and I would not have missed it for the world, fortunately I was in the beginning supported by Maarten-Jan Meyer Zu Schlochtern and a great team but it was stressy and one had to be inventive, when things went wrong, which they sometimes did, but we got through.
A few examples follow
At one the largest parties I ever did at the Concertgebouw for 350 people, the orchestra unexpectedly played an encore, when I had just sliced the beautiful rose Rib of Beef, with the help of the butcher Rodriguez, I was dumfounded everything was ready to go.
I disappeared under the table until it was over. It had discoloured so I just prayed I had enough sauce to cover it.
Once in the in the Nieuwe kerk with president Kissinger attending , and 450 guests we had one vegetarian, so Riquette Guepin my then right hand in the office and fantastic bloemist (flower arranger) rushed to a nearby pub and demanded a hard boiled egg without paying for it.
I was also once a piece of meat to short at a well known golf club, not mine, I swear to this day it was knicked… Fortunately I knew the two last guests !!! and after that always took a few extra pieces
On the way too a big celebration party we got a stone in the window of the car with the celebration cake made in the form of a castle, so we jumped out on the motorway and moved everything from one car to another.
My funniest one was when I forgot the ciboulette (chives) for the potage …a la ciboulette , for a very chique party.. I snippered grass over the soup.
My most difficult was when I was in a corset for my back, staying with the bride, and someone overslept, so I had to serve champagne instead of coffee on arrival of the guests, as the coffee was in the van on its way from Amsterdam..To make it worse on the way home that night we had to break and smashed all the glasses. And I could not walk for a week afterwards as we had done 2 large parties in 2 days.
Also when catering at the Allied Pierson museum, a waitress put her cup of coffe in the warming oven and it fell over, the fire alarms went of and Amsterdam Fire brigade where at the door with at least 3 machines. Ever felt small.
Another time at an empty bank building the alarm in the computer room went of and let gases free, they where there again.
One summer I even made all the freshly baked scones for KLM catering, for cricket matches.
It meant getting up at about 5.00 am to have them ready to be collected at, at which time the smell of freshly baked scones wafted over the canals, attracting a few neighbours and friends for a free tasting.
Oh why did I not record it all, no time then, perhaps as I get older they will return, very boring for you perhaps but fun for me.
Just press DELETE
Enjoy the recipes

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