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Chocolate cake from George Blanc

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In the 1980, when i first started La Cuisine Francaise I had the opportunity to spend a week in the kitchens of George Blanc, then one of the top chefs of Franceand even now still world renowned
I went there with an American chef Audrey, who was a line chef in a restaurant in New York.
We had such fun and where treated like royalty, taken out most afternoons to the suppliers and given wonderful staff lunches. Even the chefs commentated on this.
When we arrived at his restaurant in Vonnas for our stage, we where welcomed by Madame Blanc, who was, too put it mildly, very suprised to see 2 young enthousiastic 30 year old girls smiling at her across the reception desk, saying we have come for a stage, we arranged it with Monsieur Blanc when we last visited here on a culinary tour.
On the arrival of Monsieur Blanc to see what was happening all was soon arranged.
We where given the chauffeurs quarters in the hotel instead of sleeping in a dormitory with the boys, and after much persuasion we where allowed to use the shower at the pool, of course we had a quick dip too.
We spent our days preparing in the kitchen and watching the service at lunch, some evenings we where allowed of early, too tired to do anything but sleep. On our last evening we ordered a bottle of Champagne in our quarters which was brought up by the sommelier in an ice bucket. What fun we had you can imagine young girls at the start of our careers, carefree and unencumbered by financial worries, dying to learn everything.
Unfortunately we lost contact, I wonder !! where Audrey is today, I know her husband was put away nice and tidy for sum tax fraud advice, illegally of course, he spent years trying to clear his name.
Another ship gone over the horizon, but the memories remain
Here a photo of me taken in 2012 at George Blancs restaurant in Vonnas, this time as guest. I on my years sabbatical in my camper van, I was with Jose van Mill a very dear culinary friend of mine whom I had picked up in Nancy. to dine out in Vonnas. It took us 4 days full of fun and food to get there.
Every plate was licked clean
The recipe for this cake is to find in the recipes

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