couscous , a thought I would like to share with you

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I just had a thought I would like to share with you
In winter our food has often then same hues of colour, from brown to red, orange and creamy colours, in summer it is more colourful like the colours of the rainbow.
But in winter the tastes are deeper more vibrant and more balanced, the textures to more evenly balanced with crispiness built in to liven our palate.
Now on the South side of the Mediterranean ring it is warm most of the year and the spices more easily used in summer dishes too.
With these thoughts in my mind I was delighted to go to a tasting, with my dear friend Jean Beddington, at Vanilla Venture this week, of the products “NADIA & MERIJN”S SOUQ” POWERED BY VANILLA VENTURE
These two young ladies once sat as beginning culinary girls, in on my demonstration lessons, French and Italian Cuisine. Merijn also worked for me for a short while.
Now they are very well known and have several books to their names, plus the fact that their SOUQ product line is now for sale at Marqt. Fantastic I am very proud of them.
Nadia told me to make more recipes from their books, OttoLenghi books and style is quite a hype and very good but quite complicated for home cooks, Nadia and Merijn’s recipes are simpler, use less ingredients and just as tasty. So I must get to work.
I must admit I tasted there Belboulacouscous (gerst couscous) hand made especially for them, at the tasting and it was delicious. Normally I do not like couscous so much, and that from someone who likes everything … Almost, if it is made well of course.
And the simple baked cauliflower with a simple salas verde was delicious
Tonight I will make it with roasted tame duck breasts, aubergines, spring onions, coriander and their Harissa.
The recipe for the couscous you will find in your local Marqt or a variation in one of their books
I end with a quote from one of their books
“in the Middle East, popular wisdom has it that a wife should prepare spicy food for her husband because bland food bespeaks love without passion.
I do apologize we have put a search engine on the blog and now lost the index for the recipes and ingredients. Roy my very patient web/blog specialist( the wizard) and designer of my blog is working on it.

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