elderflower cordial

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Elderflower syrup
recipe kindly received from Sylvia Rijks
3 litre water
2 kilo sugar
1 bucket elderflowers freshly plucked
3 lemons cut into small pieces
3 lemons the juice off
Put flowers into pan with 3 litre water
And 3 lemons cut into pieces. Leave to stand for 2 days in a cool place
After 2 days press out the juice from the flowers
Place in a pan with the sugar and bring slowly to the boil .
Stir as the spoon becomes heavier in the liquid add the lemon juice. Add 3 dsp citric acid to the mixture. Bottle in good clean jars , seal the jars with a tight fitting lid
Citric acid can be difficult to get so order it from your chemist in advance
Devon Lemonade
Mix 1 part gin with ½ part elderflower syrup. Pour over ice in tall glass , add 3 parts water a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon

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