food and wine make good travelling companions

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I have travelled with Ellen Bax  for 30 years or more and enjoyed every moment
our last big trip was Vietnam
My one dream is still India, but that may no longer be possible and they have no wine, but there is a to to still see and taste nearer to home
Vietnam- we spent the last days at a great resort on an island to recover from our tiring trip
We ate swam and slept on the oceans edge , wonderful
Last week I lunched at 212 the new restaurant on the corner of the Herengracht and the Amstel from Richard Oostenbrugge en Thomas Groot .
It was delicious, pure flavours and interesting combinations to be expected from 2 top chefs who know what they are doing, in there own special way of dining ,just a wonderful experience
Then today a very typical french lunch at Bouchon du Centre, a place one often returns to for the classic french cuisine from Lyon. A very interesting concept in a simple traditional atmosphere , a one woman show .
Tomorrow lunch at  Rijks with Ellen after a visit to the Rijksmuseum, what a wonderful way to spend Sundays !!!
No this is not a normal week but fun specially in this cold weather
16 th March I go to Padua near Venice for 4 days and we will be visiting the food markets to be sure as great friends of mine are living there for almost a year now and cooking up lots of delicious food. That is why I am going !! but firstly to see them of course but I just love cooking together with friends

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