frittata of courgette flowers

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Courgette flower frittata
12 fresh flowers from zucchini of a squash plus 3 for garnish
seasoned flour
olive oil for frying
6 eggs
4 anchovies
fresh oregano
grated pecorino cheese
pine nuts
black olives optional, I think these can be too strong in flavour…
Reserve a few flowers for garnish. Remove the stemens, cut into a few pieces.
Toss the the flowers in the seasoned flower in a plastic bag. I made 3 small frittatas but you can make a big one.
Heat the olive oil in a frying pan preferably non stick .Fry 1/3 rd of the flowers in the olive oil for 5-6 minutes
Beat the eggs add the chopped anchovies .oregano, chives, pecorino cheese , nuts and if desired the olives
Pour 1/3 over over the courgette flowers , lift up the flowers so that the egg mixture slides under the flowers . turn the frittata over with the help of a plate or slide under the grill. Repeat with the remaining mixture.Serve with wedges of lime and the fresh flowers torn into strips
I had not enough flowers for garnish so used some herbs

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