Garlic sauce – photo the artichoke is growing already not quite like this yet!

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Garlic sauce for all meat and chicken dishes dishes, I eat whats left like soup!!!!!
Garlic sauce
4 cloves of garlic
1 dl cream
4 tbsp herbs (mint , oregano and or basil
1 piece of mace
1 bayleaf
1 glass white wine
3 dl chicken stock
1 bayleaf
2 peppercorns
olive oil
sage leaves
1. Put the garlic in a pan with the cream and heat slowly. Sieve and set the cream aside. Place garlic, the herbs and the wine into a sauce pan and simmer until it is reduced by the half .
2. Add the chicken stock, bayleaf and peppercorns and simmer over a low heat, until slightly thicker, sieve and add the cream to the sauce. For an extra flavour, deep fry the sage leaves in a olive oil and crumble in to the sauce before serving

But I prefer to look at it, fortunately I received 2 artichokes for my birthday, which motivated me to make the Barigoule to serve with the Rougets, which I bought at Marqt
The artichoke in my herb garden, almost ready to eat

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