Gascogne Lamb with Tarbais beans

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As you may know I had the great fortune to meet Lidy and Ed van Wijk , more than 15 years ago . How I got there is too long to tell here, maybe in my book.
They had bought and reconstructed an old Hameau in Encarion in the Gers in France. I lost my heart to this area and was invited to give lessons in the rebuilt old Bakery. A few of my students where brave enough to join me and we had a wonderful time. I will never forget these weeks. I also had my 60 birthday there in the grounds, after they had sold the property and before the new owner moved in.
This is a typical dish from the region, the beans we bought on the local market.
Unfortunately Lidy passed away last year. A wonderful person who enriched my life.
This photo hangs in my hallway

Cooking lessons at Encarion, Lidy is standing behind me on my right and on my left a dear friend Marina a very enthusiastic student.
Cooking lessons at Encarion, Lidy is standing behind me on my right and on my left a dear friend Marina a very enthusiastic student.

Gasgogne leg of lamb with white Tarbais beans
4 personnes / serves 4
1 leg of lamb boned
12 anchovies
6 cloves of garlic
6 tbsp basil leaves
3 tbsp parsley leaves
salt and pepper
duck fat
100 g onions (sliced )
80 g carrots (sliced)
80 g celery (sliced )
3 garlic cloves crushed
1 bouquet garni
25 g tomato paste
250 ml white wine
2 dl stock
salt, pepper
‘Tarbais’ beans
800 g Tarbais beans dried
2 tbsp duck fat
80 g carrots  chopped
80 g onions chopped
80 g celery chopped
100 g smoked slab bacon in pieces
salt, pepper
Glazed onions
200 g pearl onions
30 g butter
salt, sugar
Remove the bones from the lambs
Chop the six cloves of garlic finely with the anchovies, add the basil and parsley
Push this mixture into the cavity left by the removal of the bone. Heat the oven to 175°C, Rub the lamb with the duck fat and salt and pepper, brown in a casserole on a high heat
Place the meat in the oven for ¾ depending on the size. Remove from the oven
Pour off the extra fat from the casserole where the lamb is cooked, add the onions, carrots, celery and garlic fry for a few minutes, add the bouquet, the  wine and  the stock made from the lambs bones and the tomato puree simmer, season to taste  and allow to cook slowly. Return the lamb to the casserole for 20 minutes  or until it is cooked
Method beans :
Soak the beans well. Heat a pan with a thick bottom and melt the duck fat .Fry the carrots, onions celery and bacon for 5 minutes in the duck fat.
Add the beans and water or stock until the beans  are just under the fluid . Bring to the boil cover the pan and allow to cook slowly until the beans are cooked . Season to taste with salt and pepper
Method onions:
Place the small onions in a pan with water and a knob of butter salt and sugar, cover and cook until almost tender, remove the lid and allow the water to evaporate tossing the onions from time to time until they become coloured.
To serve
Cut the lamb into pieces, and replace in the casserole (if necessary thicken the juices with a little beurre manie ) Add the glazed onions
Serve the cooked beans separately

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