Gazpacho soup or sauce or dressing

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A local taverna in Casares
plus tourists
the locals in Casares
My bowl of Gazpacho yesterday in a local tavern on the hill above Casares
In my Pats Pantry you will already find a roasted tomato Gazpacho, misused description but delicious, Served with cured salmon and blinis.
My own favourite recipe is so old it is not on my computer but maybe in my Magimix book I wrote in the 80′ I will check it out, but it was basically tomatoes, cucumber, old bread, a little vinegar and I think tomato juice ! Definitely not done theses days . the garnish croutons of fried bread, red and green peppers finely chopped and I believe also chopped eggs , it came from a Good Housekeeping cookery book.
the main things is keep it pure and use real tomatoes…
Gazpacho sauce:
Serves 8 persons
1 clove of garlic, chopped
400 g cherry tomatoes
1 tbsp white wine
½ tsp sugar
½ tsp salt
1 tsp lemon juice
1 dl olive oil
Blanch the tomatoes 10 seconds in hot water then put immediately in cold water. Remove the skin and cut them in pieces
Place all the ingredients (except the oil) in the Magimix or the blender. Blend and add the oil drop by drop until you have a smooth dressing.
Sieve the sauce.
Use as you like perhaps for fish, we used it with potato crepes with Serrano ham..
Crepe Parmentier with Parma ham , quenelles of horseradish cream serves 10 to 12 persons
tomato gazpacho sauce
500g grams potatoes washed and peeled
½ dl milk
3 x10ml spoons of flour
3 whole eggs
4 egg whites
3 x10 ml spoons thick cream
10 to 12 pieces of very thinly sliced parma ham
to fry
200g clarified butter or light olive oil
2 dl cream or crème fraiche
2 tbsp freshly grated horseradish
a small bunch of chives
ground black pepper
200 young spinach leaves’or shiso or mustard cress
1 tbsp light sesame oil salt and pepper
Cook the potatoes in boiling salted water , drain well , puree and add a little milk
Leave to cool .
Work in the flour and then gradually add the eggs and the egg whites to obtain a creamy mixture like a thick custard .Add the cream when necessary. Season well to taste
Take a good non stick pan add a little butter or oil to the pan place a dessert spoon of the crepe mixture in the pan and fry a few at a time , the mixture will form rounds like a beignet
When the underside of the crepe begins to set lay a slice or piece of parma ham ion the uncooked side of the crepe and turn the crepe with a spatula
Fry for a few more minutes remove from the pan on to a cooling rack
Mix a little cream or crème fraiche with the grated horseradish, the finely chopped chives and a few turns of ground black pepper .
Serve the crepes by reheating in a hot oven for a few minutes place on the plate with a quenelle of the horseradish cream on top , garnish with a salad of spinach leaves dressed with sesame oil, and pour a little sauce on the plate .The sauce my also be served separately in a glass

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