Gratin of bacalau-the recipe from our chef in Serra D Estella

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Bacalau gratin
A recipe inspired by our stay in a Quinta in Portugal
Hotel Rural Quinta da Geia
This recipe is dedicated to Ellen Bax my traveling companion for the last 31 years‎
Frenkel de Greeuw en Fir Tiebout, are the owners of this Quinta they created this wonderful , boutique hotel in a small village in the mountain area of Serra da Estrela in the middle of Portugal 25 years ago.
I just loved it and will absolutely return one day.
We ate in the hotel several times and ate the same dish twice..
On my request Fir gave me the recipe, it was I think enough for 50 or moreusing 7.5 kilos of bacalhau!
The following is my interpretation for 4
500g desiree potatoes ( or any other potato suitable for puree)
I bought mine on the Amstelveld market/
250 g onions chopped
200g baby sweet carrots jn pieces
2 heaped dsp mayonnaise
2 heaped tsp Dijon mustard
1 dl cream or crème fraiche
300g bacalhau fillet ( vacuum ) already free of bones
white pepper
1 small ball of Mozzarella
50 g grated parmesan or they use old farmhouse Gouda cheese
oven 180 25 minutes
Soak the fish for a few hours. The vacuum packed fish I bought at the airport is easy to use/
If using very dry bacalhau, soak for several days, changing the water regularly.
Poach the fish until soft.
Again my fish was poached in 20 minutes. Very dry fish takes longer.
Boil the potatoes, I peeled them after boiling as I had lovely new Desiree potatoes.
Cook the carrots and slowly cook/stew the onions until very soft in a little butter or olive oil
Mash the carrots and potatoes together, add the onions .
Drain and puree the fish and add to the potato mixture.
Then add the mayonnaise, mustard and crème fraiche, and white peper to taste, in principal salt is tested and eaten by Pat and Ellen in France , YESTYERDAYnot needed but taste and see.
It is a soft mixture like a soft puree.
Pour into an oven proof gratin dish, smooth out and lay on slices of mozzarella and sprinkle over the cheese.
Bake in the pre heated oven for about 25 minutes, it will colour slightly

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