guinea fowl an old italian recipe – hope you can work it out

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guinea fowl
guinea fowl

Gallina faraona con finocchio al sugo di balsamico
I made it with thigh pieces so the cooking time is less
At the last moment I added some delicious small olives from liguria
! guinea fowls
dried fennel or rosemary
olive oil
1 onion cut in slices
2 heads of fennel
2 tbsp sugar
1 glass pernod
2 tbs of balsamico vinegar
2 dl bechamel sauce
or use arrowroot to thicken and a little cream
Wash the guinea fowl and dry well
Push the tapenade under the skin of the breast
Lay the dried fennel or rosemary in a casserole and put the sliced onions around
Sprinkle the balsamico over the guinea fowl add a little water or stock tot he pan to stop the balsamica catching on the pan
Place in the oven and baste from time to time
Remove the guinea fowl from the casserole
Add the bechamel sauce to the pan and stir into the cooking juices and bring to the boil
Add the chopped fennel green
Slice the fennel, reserve the tops for the sauce and fry or grill
Pour over a glass of pernod and sprinkle with sugar at the last moment

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