Hazelnut dough nuts- an alternative oliebol!!!!

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Fried brioche with hazelnut cream
In Holland we traditionally serve oliebollen or apple flaps at New year. I once developed this recipe for a Dutch Magazine using the delicious NUTELLA Hazelnut paste one can buy here.
500g mixture of brioche dough see the recipe in Pats Pantry
1 pot hazelnut paste
Roll the CHILLED dough out, cut into circles 8-10 cm, place a little of the hazelnut paste in the center of the dough, dampen the edges, bring up the sides around the hazelnut paste to form a ball. r Place on piece of baking paper with the smooth rounded side on top, and leave to rise until double in size .
Heat the fat to180o C Gently lower the doughnuts into the fat and fry for a few minutes Until brown on one side turnover and fry on the other side until brown 3-4 minutes .
Sprinkle icing sugar and with chopped hazelnuts .

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