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The scene ~ a cooking workshop.
The Guest of Honour ~ an employee celebrating 25 years of service.
The date ~ 1995
A corporate hands-on cooking lesson followed by dinner in La Cuisine Francaise’s Salle Privee.
As on many occasions it is not only the actual cooking but also the entertainment that makes an evening a success. So, as was my habit when explaining the menu to the guests, I playfully invited the Guest of Honour to join me and make a mayonnaise. After washing his hands and donning his apron, we stood next to my great culinary assistant – the Magimix Food Processor. I gave our Guest an egg and asked him to separate the yolk from the white.
He looked at me as if I had just landed from another planet.
His colleagues, who were all sitting on the tribune watching him, started shouting instructions.
I proceeded to show everyone how to do it – first cracking the egg by tapping on the edge of the bowl, with the bowl underneath I carefully opened the egg with my thumbs and slowly began rocking the two halves backwards and forwards (just like you’d rock a baby to sleep). The egg-white dripped into the bowl and I emptied the egg yolk into the food processor.
I then explained another way: break the egg in a cup, pour into a cupped clean hand and let the white run between your slightly opened fingers. Messy but very satisfying.
Now to try to explain that when you gradually add the oil to the eggs, whilst the food processor is running, it becomes thicker and the more oil you add, the thicker it becomes. It’s just like being a magician.
I love teaching just for these sorts of moments.
We succeeded and the Guest of Honour was very proud of himself and the rest had had a laugh.

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