I am a double dopper! and a legend !

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A lovely article about Marleen who now rents La Cuisine Francaise

Fetunta (Bruschetta) alle fave

Gremolata (a mixture of chopped parsley, lemon and garlic (often used for Osso Buco)
1 – 2 clove of garlic
1 lemon
1 bunch of parsley
225 g fresh broad beans about 65 g dried weight if using dried beans
2 tbsp gremolata
1 small Tuscan bread or ciabatta
2 cloves of garlic
4 tbsp extra oil virgin olive
12 rucola leaves
2 tsp Balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper
50-85 g Parmesan cheese in the piece
16 black olives
Chop the garlic fine add the rated lemon rind and the chopped parsley, mix I a pestle and mortar Always use fresh it is gorgeous and gives such a fresh tang to a dish
Cook the beans, remove the outer skin spoon carefully through with the gremolata.
Grill the thick slices of bread, preferably on a grill pan or the barbecue!
Rub them with the open cut face of a clove of garlic, or you can use a half a tomatoe cut surface on the bread and carefully rub it, makes the bread more moist , cool slightly then lay on serving plates or boards and sprinkle over the olive oil.

Toss the rucola leaves in a little of the olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and a little balsamic
Divide the beans over the bread, place on the rucola leaves and shave over the cheese (or truffle)!!!!!!!
Garnish with the olives with this dish the quality of all the ingredients and flavor of the oil, balsamic and cheese is of utmost importance

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