In a nutshell-how it all started November 1979

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I arrived in Holland with my two wire-haired dachshunds in 1974 together with my Dutch husband Frank. Within a few months we had found an old farmhouse, which had been the entrance hall and foyer of the Old Mickery theatre in Loenersloot. We spent months converting this thatched farmhouse into a beautiful home, of course with an open kitchen. This is where I started giving my cooking lessons.
After the break up of my marriage in 1977, and with the help of good friends, I found a small flat in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam and did what I could do best, teaching cooking.
A canal house was my goal.
An apartment in Amsterdam Zuid said all my friends, my answer was “I will die there it is so somber”. I approached some estate agents whom I knew well, they where very helpful and did their utmost to find me a suitable small canal house preferably ground floor, where I could start my school, but to no avail, it was never quite what I wanted.
One of my dearest friends then and now Willemijn ten Cate suggested an advertisement in the Telegraaf.
We wrote it that night and placed it in the newspaper ads the next day. It read, “Wanted a canal house for a French cooking school with possible living quarters”
That advertisement changed my life forever.
I moved in November 1979 with my bed, two chairs, an English gate leg table and my pots and pans. All these I still have.
Then thanks to the help of many especially Peter Fuyt the architect we started creating a cooking school and private restaurant called La Cuisine Francaise

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