irish soda bread – on a mountain

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I am now with my friends Annie and Christina and our four footed friends, Bags Imps and Jolly, in a friends of theirs house, in the hills behind Malaga in Andalusia, near one of the six white mountain villages, called Casares. We are up in the hills/mountains,in a beautiful house with a view of North Africa in the distance, from the neighbours house just up the road one can see the rock of Gibraltar.
We are far from the shops so one morning I decided to make soda bread for breakfast. fortunately there was bicarbonate of soda and flour white and brown in the house, which has a very well equipped kitchen.
225g brown flour (wholemeal called integral here)
225g white flour
1 tsp/5g bicarb of soda
1 tsp/5g salt
a little sugar or honey (optional)
1 egg optional
350/375 ml buttermilk which we did not have so I used some yoghurt mixed with milk or one can sour milk overnight with lemon juice
Pre heat the oven too 220 C
Sieve or mix the flours with the bicarb and salt, mix the milk with the egg and honey, if used. Stir into the flour, it should be quite moist, bring together with the hands and place on a floured surface. Form into a ball, but do not knead as for normal bread, it is not necessary to develop the gluten in the flour.
Place on greased baking sheet, with the rounded side upwards, dip a knife in flour and make
a cut in the top.
Place the soda bread on a lightly floured or greased baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes, then turn down the heat to 200 C and bake for a further 35 to 45 minutes , until he bread sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom
In the coming week I hope to find some authentic Andalusian recipes
Here we visited a local market and to everyone’s amusement my stroller rolled down the hill, with all the vegetables on board. It was saved by a speedy stall holder who ran from behind our stall.

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