Jerusalem artichoke salad with walnuts

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Jerusalem artichokes with walnuts
Serves 4- 8
650grmsTopinambour (Jerusalem artichokes)
salt and pepper
2 tbsp light walnut oil
25 g butter
a handful of fresh walnuts
a little sherry or floc de Gasgogne
salt and pepper
Peel the Jerusalem artichokes cut into pieces and keep covered. It is not always necessary to peel the Jerusalem artichokes as they are mainly Biological.
If the artichokes are large, blanch for a few minutes in boiling salted water or steam before frying in a sauté pan or wok with the walnut oil and butter , season well wiyt salt and pepper, stirring from time to time
Pour over the sherry or floc and add the walnuts fry for a further 5 minutes. Season to taste
or roast cut in larger pieces in the oven with walnut oil and butter and seasonings for about 25 minutes

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