Mackerel tartare – a starter

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We often made this in our corporate cooking lessons
Tartare of raw and a la minute smoked mackerel with cucumber,
quails egg and Avruga caviar.
10 fresh Mackerel
100g sea salt and a little water
1dl olive oil perfumed with l (garlic,sage,piment d esplette )
2 cucumbers
2 shallots
fresh horseradish or of course from a pot
Potato salad
500g (1 per person ) truffle potatoes purple !
mustard from wine most(purple) or just mustard
salt and pepper
light olive oil
Mayonnaise dressing
2 egg yolk
1 clove garlic
50g pine nuts
1 tsp sherry vinegar
2 dl light oil
2 tsp pine nut oil
10 quails eggs
2 tsp Avruga caviar
Trim the mackerel and remove the bones.
Lightly smoke the half of the mackerel if desired.
Cut the raw mackerel into cubes and marinade for 20 minutes in the salted water.
Marinade then in the perfumed olive oil
Cut a thin spaghetti from one cucumber on the mandolin and sprinkle lightly with salt, leave to drain, dry well after 20 minutes .
Slice the remaining cucumber very thinly in fine slices .
Chop the shallot fine, mix with the mackerel and a little freshly grated horseradish
Season to taste.
Make the dressing as for mayonnaise
Stir 2 tbsp of the dressing into the mackerel mixture .
Cook the potatoes in their skins and leave to cool . Peel and cut into slices. Keep in the form of the potatoes, lay on a tray and pour over the dressing made from the mustard, oil and salt and pepper.
Spoon half of the mackerel into the forms, spoon on the cucumber spaghetti and fill to the top with the mackerel. Place on the plate and remove the forms garnish with the slices of cucumber on the top in a circle. Place the boiled quails eggs topped with a little Avruga caviar on top put the rest around the base . spoon the potatoes on the plate in a line and pipe on the mayonnaise in thin lines if necessary make it a little thinner by adding a little hot water.
Short cuts !
Helmans mayonnaise
Bottled horseradish
Filleted mackrel, half of it being smoked
Or use half raw mackrel , half smoked trout
Qualis eggs in a pot
Instead of potatoes a little cooked beetroot would be fine or just some mustard and cress, nice a peppery

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