Meat Matters

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Choose meat suitable for the cooking method or the cooking method suitable for the meat. There are so many different cuts to choose from, always listen to the butcher advice!
Meat is composed from bundles of fine fibres in the muscle
So the younger the finer and the less movement e.g the loin is finer than leg .
Buy fresh meat, meat is always hung at the butchers to age it to become tender and have more flavour , so at home it is only a question of using it, so buy and use within three days of buying (if keeping in a fridge) less if no refrigeration is available to prevent danger of growth of bacteria .
Look for good colour red for beef, pinkish red for lamb, pale pink pork, pinkish beige for veal.
Firm not oily fat, fresh smell.
A marbling of fat in meat is good, also a rim of fat around it makes the meat more succulent
All methods possible not all suitable for all cuts
Roasting /baking use meat with a proportion of fat
Normal seared at a hot temperature then roasted at middle temperature 180
or slow roasting at 140 to 160 less loss of moisture
Boiling –large pieces of meat e.g. hams, tongue and bollito misto
Grilling and Frying- tender top quality meat not to thick
Wok-like frying, marinating meat gives flavour and helps to keep moist
Stewing -long slow cooking in water, stock etc in oven or in a thick bottomed pot or casserole on heat
Covered but allow certain air circulation to stop the meat decomposing
Cover loosely with greaseproof paper or polythene or container to store

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