My eet club, cooking in the school again just before leaving for spain

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Bruschetta from tomatoes and artichokes ( without the sweetbread served on Foccacio rolls from Marqt
Toasted Tuscan bread (bruschetta) with artichokes, sweetbreads, tomatoes and fresh garlic
500g sweetbreads
1 small carrot
1 onion
Bouquet garni (1 bay leaf, sprig of thyme, parsley stalk )5 peppercorns
Olive oil for frying

Ready made Foccacia bread or rolls (their is a recipe in my blog) or buy ciabatta or Foccaicia rolls from Marqt
2 globe artichokes
2 cloves of fresh garlic cut in half
4 tomatoes, peeled, deseeded and cut into small squares
100g winter salad
Soak the sweetbreads in running cold water for 10 minutes. Poach the sweetbreads in water with
chopped onion and carrot, the bouquet of herbs and the peppercorns for about 20 minutes over a
medium heat, leave to cool between two plates, peel and divide into pieces
Clean the artichokes: break off the stalk, trim off all the hard outer leaves, trim the bottom
thoroughly and rub the cut surfaces with lemon immediately. Remove the choke and rub with lemon again
Cut the artichoke into very thin slices, fry in the olive oil and season well with salt and pepper
Fry de sweetbreads in de olive oil

To finish:
Make the vinaigrette by beating all the ingredients together, toast the bread and rub with garlic. Divide the salad evenly and top with the artichokes, the sweetbreads and the tomatoes. Spoon over the dressing.

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