My herb garden and moestuin

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I have lost the battle with my beautiful laid out herb garden with 36 different herbs, but today I have found a tuinwerkster, via a friend, who can come regularly to help me, there is hope.
Photo is a blackbird stealing my last gooseberries but I got there first.
They are now in my deep freeze awaiting my return

Since I last took part in the garden days in 2014 it has had to change.
The upkeep was enormous, my attempts at a moestuin veg garden have failed too, too much shadow on one side from the neighbours and the plot at the back after the fallen tree became a butterfly garden..not the easiest thing to keep up either
however they say MONTE DON Gardens world , said last night , your garden reflects yourself
thus also retired and more laid back
As you see in this photo:

I still love it and they say nature heals, it certainly makes me very happy and Jolly too.

But I don’t like her evening games of chasing the frogs
i go to the Amstel veld still on monday mornings to look for herbs, this week I found Noten kruid

Left of the Thaise basilicum in the picture sort of shiso flavour
Maggi, savoury in English and sage and verbena I use in my night time tea in the garden, by the garden house.

often watching the guests in the restraunt, it still gives me a thrill to see what I created continuing in the good hands of Marleen and her team.

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