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 Cooking is a passion one can never forget

My prize trophy

When I was just starting LCF in 1980 I went on a very expensive culinary professionals trip, we visited 4 Three star restaurants in just as many days, Paul Bocuse was one of them.Trois Gros another , the third was Alain Chapel and the fourth I cannot remember, I have never eaten so much in 4 days in my life
An experience I will never forget
Now our culinary Godfather has passed away.
He was here when Cordon Bleu was waving the wand for a few years, together with Johnny de Boer for a reclame spot..
However he spent the whole day sitting on my tribune with his wife and I chatted to him in my poor French

One thing I know is that I cannot live without cooking, it is more difficult now but I still do my best

I served my favourite recipe of Quails to some of my bridge friends this week

With fried pumpkin and onion ragout, the recipe is somewhere in my blog, but a quicker one is the following recipe and serve it with a freshly made Salsa verde.

 Oven roasted quails in pancetta with roasted tomatoes, sage and  Ciabatta

1-2 quails per person,you could you small poussin, baby chickens( the cooking time will be longer)I buy these on the Saturday market ,
2 to 3 lemons cut into pieces
1 bunch of sage leaves
Salt and pepper
100g butter
20 slices of pancetta
1 ciabatta bread cut into rough pieces
500 grams small (cherry) tomatoes
Olive oil
1kg wild spinach
Pre heat the oven to 200°C
Season the inside of the quail with salt and pepper and place a piece of lemon, a sage leaf and a small piece of butter in the bird.
Season the outside of the quails and wrap them up in the slices of pancetta. Place side to side on a baking rack from the oven and set aside.
Place the ciabatta in a roasting tin, scatter over the tomatoes, sprinkle with salt, pepper, olive oil.
Place the oven rack with the quails in the top of the oven and slide the roasting tin with the bread and tomatoes underneath.
Bake in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes. If necessary, spoon the ciabatta around from time to time and push onto the ciabatta to produce the juices
I like my quails slightly pink, but that is up too you.
You can also use the blauwe hoen legs, but then roast a little longer
Wash the spinach well and fry quickly in a little olive oil and garlic and add to the ciabatti mixture.
Or with small leaves just toss through
Recently I could not cut my pumpkin in half and Marleen was not here to help me 
so I put it covered in the oven with a little water and then after about 20 minutes I took it out and cut through it like butter

Meanwhile I made my diner, a salad of Cavolo Nero and beetroot with a dressing with this new vinegar I have been given, it is from a producer in Venlo.
Food Delicious Azijn- Top !
I don’t like sour but this I could almost drink.
the Tomato Basilicum is already finished it was houdbaar until 1.05.2019!!!!

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