phyllo pastry smoked salmon pizza

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Got any Phyllo left from the duck, then make this !
I will Saturday, hope I remember to make a photo before I eat it
Smoked salmon pizza
1 packet filo pastry
olive oil or 50 g melted butter
8 dried tomatoes
2 tsp tapenade
1 tbsp chives
smoked salmon
salmon eggs or truit eggs or for the very special caviar
crème fraiche
Cut the filo pastry into rounds.
Lay out the filo pastry rounds. Take 8 rounds and lay them out on a working surface, brush with olive oil or butter, lay another layer on top brush with olive oil or butter. Repeat until you have 3 layers of filo pastry. Lay on a non stick paper or mat on a baking sheet
Puree the tomatoes or cut very fine
Spread the filo with the tapenade, scatter the tomatoes over .Place in a hot oven and bake until crispy .Remove from the oven . Lay the smoked salmon on top and garnish with quenelles of crème fraiche and salmon or trout eggs

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