Pumpkin are arriving-Pumpkin Puffs

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My Pantry
Quadrucci di zucca con un coulis di frutta
Serves 8
2 sheets (400g) puff pastry ( I use proffesional from the D.F)
also available in supermarkets but sometimes a bit thick if so roll out a bit.
500 g pumpkin
2 dl water / 100 g sugar / 2 cloves
10 amaretti cookies, crumbled
3 leafs of sage torn into pieces
1 egg white (whisked)
some sugar
pumpkin seeds
coulis di frutta:
1 glass of white wine
250 g dried apricots
2 tbsp honey
1 piece of aniseed
1. Peel the pumpkin and cut in equal sized pieces
2. Poach the pumpkin in the water with the sugar and the cloves
3. Drain the pumpkin and put the cooking liquid in a pan. Reduce to a syrupy substance
4. Add this syrupy substance to the pumpkin and make fine with a fork.
5. Place one sheet of puff pastry on the counter
6. Divide the pumpkin in spoonfuls over the sheet of puff pastry
7. Place on each heap of pumpkin some amaretti pieces and a little sage
8. Moisten the dough around every heap of pumpkin. Put another sheet on top and cut out the ravioli’s. The size is up to you. Make sure the puff pastry is not too thick.
9. Place the ravioli’s on a greased baking tin, brush with a bit of the egg white and sprinkle with sugar and pumpkin seeds
10. Bake the ravioli’s in a pre-heated oven (250ºC / 15 minutes)
Make the coulis;
11. Soak the apricots in warm water
12. Warm the aniseed in the white wine and leave to draw
13. Remove the aniseed and add the honey en the apricots to the liquid
14. Place this mixture for approx 20 minutes in a hot oven (250ºC)
15. Leave to cool down and puree
16. Warm the sauce before serving. A a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream with this is also very good

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