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lidy s fotos 052
Lotte aux fours
8 zeeduivel staarten
zout en peper
50 g boter
meiknollen, venkel , mooie bospeen ,baby verse uien, verse knoflookscheuten
(schoon gemaakte en in grove stukken gesneden )
dressing: 3 eetlepels olijfolie, peterselie, tijm, knoflook, chilipeper, zout en peper
Maak de vis schoon en snij in mootjes
Verwarm de boter in een dikke kasserol boven het vuur, bak de mootjes een paar per keer in deze boter
Hou de mootjes apart
Doe de schoon gemaakte groenten in de kasserol
Bestrooien met zout en peper en laat dit smoren
Leg de vis bovenop de groenten
Serveer in een diep bord met een schep van de dressing erover heen
Lotte au four – monkfish baked in the fire/oven
Ingredients :
4 monkfish tails 100- 150 g per stuk
salt and pepper
50 g butter
vegetables in season:
carrots , baby fennel, onions , garlic shoots, turnips ;cleaned)and cut into large equally sized pieces
3 tbsp oil light olive oil
fresh herbs finely chopped e.g parsley and thyme chervil tarragon
a little garlic
a pinch of chilli pepper
1 dsp lemon juice
salt and freshly ground black pepper
Method ;
Clean the fish well and cut into thick steaks.
Heat the butter in heavy casserole, fry the fish quickly on each side. Remove from the pan
Add the vegetables to the pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cover with greased paper, cook over a low fire stirring from time to time until cooked .
Mix the ingredients for the dressing together
Spoon the vegetables into deep bowls and lay on the fish and spoon over the dressing
As monkfish is a delicate fish and can easily be cooked too quickly and then loose it moisture. A more modern way is to place the whole tails on a greased baking sheet, brushing with oil or butter and cooking in a very low oven at 100 ° C for the time needed depending on the size of the tail . Cut into thick tranches before serving

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