Romescu an original Catalanse sauce/salsa

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The other name for this is Romesco
one of my favourite recipes is thin slices of ham fish/ monk fish/ lotte, slowly cooked in olive oil, then simmered in
Romesco sauce
Thin slices of fish in “Romesco”-sauce
150 g monk fish/lotte
Romesco Sauce
2 slices white bread
½ dl olive oil
3 cloves of garlic
3 long “plum” tomatoes (pomodori), skinned and pitted
12 almonds, browned
1 glass Muscato
1 pepper, skinned and pureed
pinch of pepper powder
pinch of hot chili pepper or drops of chilli oil
1 tbs wine vinegar
salt and pepper
Cut the fish diagonally in thin slices, to get as large slices as possible. pour a !/2 cm thick film of olive oil in a frying or saute pan, lay on the fish slices, season with salt and pepper and slowly heat, when the fish begins to colour, spoon over the Romesco sauce so the fish is covered, bring almost the the boil, gently shaking the pan from side to side so that the sauce combines with the oil and emulsifies.
Repeat with the remaining fish.
We used to make this for catering parties in the 1980’s
once we did the recipe 10 times , so added 30 cloves of garlic.. too much . When making a sauce in large quantities cut back on the strong ingredients.

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