salmon marinade- this dish is a favourite of mine

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Blinis with cured salmon and roasted tomato gazpacho
Cooking on Irmas portable gas stove. fantastic
Buckwheat Blinis Ingredients: 5 dl milk 15 g yeast 3 eggs – separated large pinch of salt 100 g sieved buckwheat flour 200g white flour 4 tbsp. clarified butter
Cured salmon( it is better to make this in advance) 1 side of salmon 75 g sugar 1 tbsp Sichuan peppercorns 2 tbsp. kosher salt or sea salt 1 piece of fresh ginger cut into a fine julienne (strips) or pickled ginger cut into strips 1 bunch of coriander (fresh)
Roasted tomato gazpacho
1 kilo tomatoes, half and deseed 3 cloves of young fresh garlic 20 ml olive oil 100 to 150ml verjus or very light wine vinegar (rice vinegar) salt 2 dl tomato juice if necessary
Roast the Sichuan peppers and the salt in a wok or frying pan then grind in a salt grinder or make fine in a pestle and mortar.
Remove the bones from the salmon, trim of the edges, lay on a piece of plastic foil.
Mix the sugar and the pepper mixture together and sprinkle over the fish .
Remove the leaves from the coriander and chop fine. Sprinkle the ginger and then the coriander over the fish.
Place a layer of plastic foil on top. Wrap well in foil and keep in the fridge for a day or two under a light weight.
Remove the excess herbs from the top of the fish and cut with a lond salmon knife carefully in very thin slices diagonally .
Heat the milk until lukewarm and stir in the yeast until it has softened. Split the eggs carefully place the egg whites in a clean fat free bowl.
Beat the egg yolks into the yeast mixture into the egg mixture. Mix the buck wheat flour and the white flour together with the salt. Gradually beat the milk and the egg yolk mixture into the flours and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold the egg whites into the mixture
Makes a lot but you can freeze them..for a rainy day
For a softer texture add a little melted butter Heat a frying pan or griddle, brush on a little clarified butter, spoon on 4 tablespoons of the mixture, fry these until golden brown on both sides. Allow to cool on a cake rack. Repeat with the remaining mixture
Roasted tomato gazpacho: Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the seeds, cut the garlic in chunky pieces. Toss the tomatoes with the garlic and olive oil and place in a deep roasting tin, roast in a hot oven 200C for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, check after 30 minutes it depends very much on the tomato Puree, add the verjus or vinegar to taste and add a little tomato juice if necessary. Season to taste
Basil oil Place some fresh basil in the food processor or liquidizer gradually add half as much oil
use to decorate the dish
Cut the salmon into slices diagonally or into thin steaks, across the fillet. I prefer this way
make a drizzle of oil, Picasso style on the plate, lay on the fish , place the blinis at the side of the plate , pour the Gazpacho into small glasses and place on the plate. Garnish if you wish with a fine salad of shoots or fine cresson for a peppery taste.
if you wish serve creme fraiche on the side

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