sardines with pasta

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Pasta with sardines
700g fresh sardines
2 heads of fennel
1 large onion finely chopped or grated
8 tbsp olive oil
50 g pine nuts
65g currants soaked in a little hot water
65g almond slivers
8 anchovies
6 strands of saffron
700 bucatini or macaroni
250g fried breadcrumbs
Clean the sardines , remove the head and fins
And any scales , cut the stomach open and remove the insides
Remove the back bone
Cut the fennel in rings and boil until soft , keep the cooking water, chop finely
Fry the onion in half of thee olive oil, until it begins to colour . Add the currants and the nuts to the pan and the anchovies and the saffron with the water
Leave on a low heat until the anchovies dissolve
Keep 4 sardines apart then fry the remaining sardines fillets and set aside
Fry the remaining sardines and the fennel in the olive oil , stir while cooking so the sardines break up
Cook the pasta in boiling salted water
Drain well , then stir in the onion mixture and half of the fennel mixture
Place a layer of pasta then of sardines then fennel in an ovenproof dish repeat the layers.
Finally sprinkle the dish with a layer of breadcrumbs and serve the rest of the breadcrumbs separately
Bake in the oven for 10.15 minutes before serving

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