Summer evenings made easy

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The lusten en niet de lasten
I translate to
The pleasure without the work
There is something special about dining with friends and often we do not do it enough as it is too much work
It need not be!
I last dined with my Proffesional Culinary Network in Asch with Emily van Woerd from Koken op Hout

She had obviously gone to a lot of work setting it up and laying the table and preparing the barbecues.

To start she had invited a friend an “Oyster man “ who I had previously met at Taste of Amsterdam.
A glass of rhubarb prosecco in the sun and then to work tasting a selection of oysters.

Which you know I love
It was amazing the difference in the 6 sorts we tasted very interesting. One Geay I had never tasted before, infact several where new to me.
A fun idea for a special occasion.
Then it was barbecuing on the cedar wood planks, giving it a very special flavour and stopping especially fish, falling apart. Look at her web site for more ideas.

Last week I entertained 6 guest from abroad who had been on a cycling trip, one was a professional gardener so a diner in the garden it must be.
Herring with drinks, then salmon marinaded in beetroot, and a fennel salad, then a slow roasted belly of pork “porchetta, my favourite roasted aubergines from Otto Lenghi and baked potatoes, then strawberries and hang-op.
Simple food but delicious and easy to serve with no deadlines.
Fortunately two of the guests know my house well so after doing the preparation during the day, whilst they where out, I sat down at my garden table and they took over and served the food, even the guests helped make the plates for the salmon.
Next week I leave for 6 weeks in Finland and like last year and the year before we cook together most evenings.. Saves washing up too.
Tonight in the warm weather after returning from a 5 day camper trip I made Panzanella, lovey food for hot summer days, the recipes are to be found on my blog under recipes
My broad beans are now growing well and I treated myself to 4 precious pods tonight, giving a total of 12 beans ..
now I am harvesting the gooseberries before the birds or Jolly get them
Last week I had diner in the garden but this time the food came from Foodware on the Looiersracht, my friend Willehmijn collected it and I laid the table, not quite take away !! and delicious .

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