that autumn feeling-chanterelle

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Whilst at a camping place we where given freshly picked chanterelle we where at first hesitant as they had been picked in the forest, however the young couple who gave them to us insured us that they had been doing this since they where very young
They explicitly told to serve them in a cream sauce as is the tradition
But no cream….
You will see what I made it was just delicious

Here is a recipe idea for you to make now.
We did pick some blue berries, with a special tool I had bought in Norway


Jolly my dachshund was the best at finding them

Poulet Noir or Corn fed chicken and fresh chanterelles
(4-6 servings) Ingredients:1 Poulet Noir or corn fed chicken or Bresse chickens 30g butter or olive oil salt and pepper
2 cloves of garlic 2bay leaves 1lemons (pricked with a fork )1 glass of wine 2 dl chicken stock250 g chanterelles
25g butter
2 dl cream salt and pepper
Method:Place the lemon in the body of the chicken with the garlic and bay leaves Spread the butter over the chicken breasts and thighs, season well with salt and pepper place in a casserole, pour around the wine and stock cover with a good fitting lid and place in a pre heated oven (180 °C) for 1 to 1 ½ hours (French Roast), check and add a little more stock if necessary during the cooking Remove the chicken from the oven and leave to rest, divide the chicken into 5 portions, cut the lemon into pieces
Place the chicken in a roasting dish lay the lemon on top.
Clean the chanterelle well.Pour off the cooking juices from the pan and skim off any fat and simmer, add the chanterelle to the pan with a little butter and cook quickly, remove from the pan and keep warm Add a little white wine to the pan and reduce, add the cooking juices bring to the boil and simmer add the cream and reduce until thickening slightly, season to taste add the chanterelle back into the sauce, simmer for a few minutesPlace the chicken in the oven to reheat Serve with the sauce and pasta or boiled potatoes or saffron potatoes

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